Plc programming training- FREE Training Program

When you need someone to repair your machine.

Do you want the repairman who has a skill but no real experience or the one with the skill set needed to get the job done quickly?

Guess what- when a potential employer is viewing your application- they are looking to see

if you have the skills they need RIGHT NOW, experience in process control system designs and automation, specifically with PLC SCADA and DCS

We understand exactly what you need to plan jobs in the field of technical design and we can teach you the skills you need to excellent as an automation engineer.

We’re theautomization team

A group of automation engineers with a decade of experience in designing process control
systems for the oil, gas, petroleum, and steel industries.

Originally, we designed an in-house training program to teach electrical/ instrument/ mechatronics/electronics and communication engineers how to gain the skills they needed to design process control systems.

Now, we have a library of plc programming training that are designed to teach you the excellent skills

The skills they didn’t teach you in college and that cannot be found in books- the skills

we’ve learned over the past decade as automation engineers.

You’ll have 24 hours a day,7 days a week access to our library via our industrial-automation app or web

allowing you to learn via your computer, tablet or smartphone, when and where it’s convenient for you.

Each plc programming training delivers a technical concept in a format that is easy to follow and understand.

You will learn to plc program

Whether you have just graduated or are ready to take your career to the next level,theautomization’s plc programming training is your key to a successful career in automation.

We’re so sure that we can provide you with the skills you need to become an automation engineer

online plc programming training delivered to you every week for free.

Here List mention below we cover all topics :

0.PLC :Programmable logic control

1.PLC Hardware

2.PLC Operation

3.PLC Communications


5.Protocol : Modbus

6.Protocol : Profibus

7.Protocol : Devicenet

8.ISO/OSI model

9.ISO/OSI Protocols

10.Sinking Sourcing I/O

11.Plc Wiring

12.PLC Instructions : Timers

13.PLC Instructions : Counters


15.Advanced Instructions

16.Advanced Instructions II

17.Programming Examples I

18.Programming Examples II

19.Programming Examples III

20.Programming Examples IV

21.Programming Examples V

22.Programming Examples VI

23.Programming Examples VII

24.Common Industrial Protocol (CIP)

25.HART Communications Protocol

26.Fault detection techniques


28.Important online PLC and Automation resources

29.PLC Books

30.PLC selection criteria