Protocol in Computer Network

In this Article we are going to learn about Protocol in computer network.

So first of all let’s discuss what is protocol ?

Well protocol is our digital language through which we can communicate with others on the Internet.Now let me break down this statement in a smaller statement or an easy definition

this is a set of mutually accepted rules for proper exchange of information by mutually I mean that it is accepted on both the sender and as well as on the receiver

now let’s look at the types of protocols.
So here is the list of six protocols in Computer network.

  • TCP IP.

  • DHCP.

  • DNS.

  • FTP.

  • ARP.

  • HTTP.

#1. TCP Protocol in Computer Network :

What is TCP IP TCP is also known as Transmission Control Protocol.

This is used for communication over a network in this that data is broken down into small packets and then it is sent to the destination.

Moonlight Falls on any substance you all know that light contains photons photons have nothing but packets of energy.

Similarly data is broken down into small packets and it is then transferred to its destination.

Now this work is done by TCP Protocol in Computer Network

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#2. IP Protocol in Computer Network :

So now what is the work of Internet Protocol. Known as IP IP what’s with TCP and it is also known as the addressing protocol.

Well IP addresses these packets and shows them the route to their destination IP Network is to show them the route towards their destination.

Let’s take an example in I want to travel to my friend who lives in the America and I live in India and I want to deliver him some packets of biscuits to his home.

So what I will do I will go to the airport and I will take a flight to America.Well this flight is nothing but TCP-Transmission Control Protocol and a packet of biscuits is nothing
but data and the pilot who knows the direction from India to America is nothing but the internet protocol.

I guess you never understood what this TCP IP

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#3. FTP Protocol in Computer Network :

Now let’s look at FTP or file transfer protocol.

Well this is basically used for transferring file as the name suggests to different networks so these files maybe text files multimedia files or any type of files.

So in this way is this way the file transfer is quicker than other matters are done my passed by other methods.

I mean some different type of methods like SMTP. So SMTP means simple mail transfer protocol.

This type of protocol is used in mainly e-mail services like GMAIL and outgoing mail over the Internet 70 is used for sending and receiving mail as I already explained.

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#4. HTTP Protocol in Computer Network :

Now let’s look at its HTTP or hyper text transfer protocol.

This is based on the client and server model as HTPP is used for making a connection between the web client and the web server and HTTP shows information in their pages.

Let’s take an example.

When you log into any of these websites like Facebook or Instagram you might have seen that on the address bar on the day you are all that is uniform resource locator is HTPP

Well this s HTTP is nothing but Hypertext Transfer Protocol which you see on the address bar.

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#5. ARP Protocol in Computer Network :

the next step is ARP address resolution protocol.

This is a network protocol that is used to find out the hardware or the MAC address of a device from

its IP address it is used when a device wants to communicate with some other device on a local network.

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#6. DHCP Protocol in Computer Network :

Now let’s talk about DHCP.

Well DHCP means Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.

This is a client server model like the HTPP and DHCP assigns an IP address to any device on the network

so that they can communicate using an IP.

Now let’s talk about the third and the last one.

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#7. DNS Protocol in Computer Network :

That is DNS that is domain name server or domain name system.

Well this is an internet equivalent of a phone book like you have seen in phone books that generally contains a lot of numbers maybe thousands or 10 thousands.

Similarly this directory that is domain name server is a directory of domain names.

And what does the and as to DNS translates them into IP address.

Now you would be thinking that why is it necessary to translate them into ip address

So let me explain this is necessary because all their domain names are easy for people to remember computers or machines access Web sites based on IP addresses very type of address example “” your Internet service provider ISP views that DNS associated with their domain name translates it into a machine friendly IP address for example ( like you can see in the screen and directs your Internet connection to the correct Web site.

This is the manner in which the computer identifies your target website.

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