What is OPC UA Protocol

Today we will discuss about what is OPC UA Protocol in laymen terms

OPC unified architecture the next generation of OPC technology the world around us is changing faster than most of us can comprehend when OPC was created in the 1990s security platform
independence and information modeling were not core issues

Today’s OPC UA addresses everything from cyber threats and the secure movement of
complex data between different platforms to platform independence from existing Microsoft based technologies

What is OPC UA Protocol

This means that OPC can now be implemented system one from embedded field devices to enterprise level applications and beyond perhaps even on your iPhone imagine being able to share
any type of data between any type of system or device that’s just part of the power of OPC UA

OPC UA not only leverages the benefits that made OPC classic a success but offers a flexible
scalable technology for the future by unifying existing interfaces into one extensible platform independent solution

it can meet the data communications needs of today and the new millennium
OPC UA provides the same
Real time data
Historical data
Alarms and events
Commands and security of OPC classic with the added capability to address new standards as they are needed

this means that existing UA products can successfully interoperate with future UA
products based on the standards of tomorrow in addition a rich Information model will allow other organizations to build their models on top of OPC UA in fact it’s already happening as an

example the recent collaborative effort with PLC open combines technologies and provides a new standard for PLC programming languages

OPC UA exposes information models through a base set of services this enables OPC UA to reduce
application development costs since all data can be handled in a standard way

OPC UA next evolution in data communications solving the problems of today and tomorrow for more information on OPC UA please visit our website at OPC foundation org

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