Different Types of Sensor Used in Industrial World

In this fast-paced technological world whether we are at her home in a factory or in hospital in grocery stores or in shopping malls invading premises or in car we are all surrounded by some electronic devices which makes our life easy and a convenient one that is a sensor so let’s see what exactly a sensor is just like

Five sensory organs of human body such as ears which senses sound in the environment nose which senses smell in the environment and tongue which senses taste of any food atom that we eat skin which senses the hotness or coldness of other body and eyes which senses different colors seen from it in

The same way sensor is an electronic device which detects and responds to some type of input from the physical environment and converts this output signals to in human readable display now let’s have a look

At some different types of sensors and their applications that come across in
our day-to-day life first if the

Types of Sensors :

IR Sensor:

  • IR sensor that emits IR light in order to sense some aspects of ceramics using
    remote controls winch answer which is anemometer used for measuring a speed of

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WEIGHT Sensor :

  • Weight sensor of such a strain gauge or load cell using being machines to know the weight of an object

RADAR Sensor :

  • Radar sensors which use frequency modulated continuous video technique to detect moving targets


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  • In the store near escalators capacitive sensor which are building human interface based devices such as mobile phones tablet PCs

MOTION Sensor :

  • Motion sensor which detects moving objects also know using smartwatches are a vital component of automatic you equals the old system

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PHOTO Sensor :

  • Photo sensor which has a semiconductor device that converts light into an electrical signal used for barcode scanning in grocery stores

SPEED Sensor :

  • Speed sensors such as tachometer used to measure rotational speed of a shop in automobiles aircraft

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OPTICAL Sensor :

  • Optical sensor that converts light on change in light into an elliptical signal used in optical mouse

SMOKE Sensor :

  • Smoke sensor a device that senses smoke an issuer’s signal to fire alarm panels in shopping malls hotels

PH Sensor :

  • Type of sensor also include Refineries sensors such as pH sensor which measures hydrogen ions in water solutions indicating its acidity or alkalinity


  • Temperature sensor which measures the amount of heat energy generated by an object’s


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METAL Sensor :

  • External metal sensor whose main function is to adapt the orientation change when the position is change from vertical to horizontal and vice versa in mobile phones tablets PCs



  • Proximity sensor which is able to detect presence of nearby objects without any physical contact installed a tree urban cores of cars which measure distance markings


  • Type of sensor also include Environmental sensors such as the humidity sensor which gives simple environmental data to weather monitoring stations


  • Magnetic sensor built in metal detector that detects the presence of metal nearby operates on the principle of Lorentz force level and


  • Position sensors such as read sensor used in washing machines to detect whether the machine load is closed or not and also to know the water level is read to it’s filled limit or exempt


FIXED Sensor :

  • type of sensor also include Element the easily fixed sensor that uses easy liquid effect to measure changes in pressure acceleration strain or force using speakers microphone spots wall clock


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