FLL (Fill File) Ladder Logic Instruction

The Fill File instruction is a ladder logic rung output instruction that copies data from the Source to the Destination x amount of elements long The Source data remains unchanged.

Insure the Length does not travel outside of the array boundaries. Use the SIZE instruction to determine how many elements are in an array.

The instruction is enabled when the preceding logic is true and disabled otherwise. The values can be constants, tags or any combination.

List of possible arguments

SOURCE and DESTINATION can be any combination of the following data types.

  • CONSTANT             Can’t be the DESTINATION obviously
  • SINT              
  • INT
  • DINT
  • REAL

LENGTH is type CONSTANT and determines the number of elements to fill.

Note: It is possible to write data into other members of a tag if the length is set too large. This can happen when executing the instruction on User Defined Tags. No major fault is flagged. Also check out the COP instruction as it is very similar.

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