Home Automation and Smart Home System

Home automation solution has become very useful many advantages and options
If you are recently constructed or purchased a new home. then you think to buy a home automation system.

home automation trending in India as well as across the world.

there are many home automation companies to do home automation system. experts making home automation solution have become affordable low

The DIY Movement in India :

  • The DIY(Do it Yourself) idea has entered the Indian market and has reached to the level of home automation.it is very easy to set up the sensor with low-cost elements like Microcontrollers, embedded sensors, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Why Use a Home Automation?

Using a Home automation system you can minimize very expensive bill amount.

also, you don’t need to bother about remembering whether you have locked the main door or not.these smart home solution convert your home to smart home Types of Home Automation Systems

You can install two type of home automation systems :
1.The complete home automation
2.Home security system

  • The Complete Home automation system generally needs programming and wiring.which may take more time. even weeks for preparation for a few cases
  • Home security system mainly focuses on the home security. also, include home security monitoring Both types of home automation systems operated by mobile apps

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Home automation companies :
For home automation, there are many players around the world.here leading player in Home automation system in India

1.Sharp Node: Company provides hi-tech home security and services

2.Crestron: Crestron is the best option for the clients having a low-budget

3.Control4: Contol4 Having a big name in home automation and it even syncs with the       ZigBee for making your home smarter.

4.Bticino: Bticino targets Medium class customers, you can have a home automation system which syncs with the Zigbee as well as KNX protocol.

Home Automation Transformation
For gadget-obsessed brains, the future in home automation is about complete control with lower costs.

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benefits of a Home Automation system :

  1. Security
  2. Heating and Control
  3. Better Comfort
  4. Save energy
  5. Save water
  6. Keep an Eye on Your Home
  7. Keep an Eye on Your Kids
  8. Controlling Small Appliances
  • Security
    Home Security with automatic door locks  you may lock the doors from one location
    You may also choose to get alerts every time when somebody enters your house which allows you to constantly supervise your home
  • Smart Appliances
    These help to save electricity and cover-up the entire home atmosphere when you are not present physically
  • Room temperature Control
    When you came back from work then it generally takes some time to regulate your home’s internal temperature as per your comfort. the IOT systems may even work on the week-long cycles as per the outside weather.it is cost effective and also save energy
  • Heating and Cooling
    the smart thermostat is the most common option in home automation.you may set it as per your wish so that the air conditioner won’t run to the fullest when you are not home Before You enter car you may use your smartphone app for turning on the heat so your gets cozy when you reach there!
  • Better Comfort
    A smart automation system will make the room which always remains too cool and hot
  • Save Energy
    You can do savings in energy for areas except the heating and cooling of the home
  • Save water
    Using a Smartphone app, for how much time the water will run, which will potentially cut in water bill significantly will run, which will potentially cut.
  • Keep an Eye on your Home
    Using home automation with the front-door camera.you can keep an eye on the visitors as well as respond audibly.
  • Controlling small Appliances
    You can utilize the home automation system for turning different lights in the home on/off and use different patterns. you just turn on radio or TV on/off using a Home automation system.
  • Keep an eye on your Kids
    with home automation system and video camera attached to it you can utilize a smartphone app and see what the kids are doing while you are not at home

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