How are the internet of things and big data related ?

IoT, or internet of things is a concept that values ​​equipment connectivity via the internet. It started as a concept applied to the consumer goods industry, but soon it was realized that there was great potential for application in the industry. That was enough for the big equipment manufacturers to start producing connected equipment.

In addition, the popularization of Ethernet type networks on the shop floor helps to contribute to the development of IoT in the industry. Thus, it is increasingly common for us to find equipment that provides production and maintenance data online, in real time.

The evolution of the industry and the IoT

The concept of IoT is fundamental for industry 4.0 , since connected equipment makes available a large mass of data that can be exploited by higher level services and software in the automation pyramid .

It is this differential that makes it possible to develop more advanced techniques for process control, asset management, production management, logistical programming, among many other possibilities.

Interface with IT systems

An important point to note, however, is the fact that all connectivity via the network brings the drawback of the vulnerability. Thus, industrial systems designed to take advantage of these technologies must meet strict cyber security requirements.

Thus, the role of the automation engineer is closer to the reality of the IT professional, since there is a need to act more deeply on communication networks.

Barriers to implementation and widespread use in World

In general, it is clear that iot professionals still lack greater understanding of the real applications of IoT. A quick search on the internet reveals that most websites display research data related to the topic, without providing clear concepts.

In addition, the absence of cases in the market, associated with cheap labor, compared to the most advanced countries on the subject, create a great barrier to the implementation of IoT-based systems in World.

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Still, this is still a new concept and it should take several years to reach maturity in all markets. Thus, it is possible that in the relatively near future,iot professional will already be able to work with these concepts without major difficulties.

And do you agree with that? What is your opinion about the situation in our industry with regard to the internet of things? Leave your opinion! It is very important to create an interesting discussion forum that can add even more information!

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