IOT (Immediate Output) Ladder Logic Instruction

The IOT instruction is a ladder logic output instruction that updates output data immediately rather than waiting for the RPI of the module or tag to update the data.

Use the instruction to update the output data of an entire output module. For instance, when you use the instruction to update an output card, address the entire card, not the individual outputs.

Correct:           Local:3:O

Incorrect:         Local:3:O.Data.0

The instruction can also be used to update a produced tag. When using the instruction with a produced tag an Event Trigger is sent to the consuming processor. This allows the consuming processor to trigger an Event Task.

Note: When using the IOT instruction produced data is transferred immediately when the communication method is Ethernet I/P or the Backplane, and within the API (Actual Packet Interval) of the Consumed Tag over ControlNet.

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