OR (Bitwise OR) Ladder Logic Instruction

The Bitwise OR instruction is a ladder logic rung output instruction that performs an OR operation on Source A and Source B and places the result in the Destination tag. The instruction is enabled when the preceding logic is true and disabled otherwise. The values can be constants, tags or any combination.

OR truth table

Source A         Source B         Destination
     0                       0                            0
     1                       0                            1
     0                       1                            1
     1                       1                            1

List of possible arguments

SOURCE A and SOURCE B can be any combination of the following data types.

CONSTANT             Can’t be the DESTINATION obviously

Note: Negative numbers are valid. Arithmetic status flags are affected (S:V, S:Z, S:N, S:C). Overflow, Zero, Negative, and Carry.

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