What is FAT and SAT

FAT and SAT is a big part of project execution and installation.

FAT: Factory Acceptance Test

Many projects require a Factory Acceptance Test before going on site.

This testing period involves How to the specified design has been properly implemented in the software.

Input is simulated to test the operation of the software. also, software documents have kept up to date these same documents and that documents can be used to verify the operations of the software.

For example, if we start a pump from the field so actually that indication shown in the scada. in shorts,

the software should then behave as per documentation. verification logic for testing that pumps start and stop and pump run status also.through simulation and then not turning them on to verify that the check logic is functioning correctly.

There are changes identified during the FAT.these changes should be done before going commissioning or installation.the contractor will have only small changes to make in the software documentation rather than a time-consuming effort at the end of the project

The best advantage of FAT is another milestone in the project as the software has been proven in desin.the next step is to place SCADA software or equipment in the field and Verify everything again using the real world inputs and outputs

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SAT: Commissioning and Site Acceptance Testing

The Site Acceptance Test(SAT) is performed after all system have been tested and Verified. Before this final stage, the complete system must be tested and commissioned.

Step Of Commissioning is usually to verify all of the physical input and output
to the each of the plcs A copy of point list means input and output list can be generated with a column for checking off the points as they are verified.one of the issue is the sense of discrete inputs: are they Normally Open or Normally Closed type.this is thing that can differ between the original design and the field implemented system. the programmer can then make whatever changes are required and again markup the document.

One final step in many SCADA projects is the SAT. This is usually a continuous operation or run of the complete system for a period of 1–2 weeks without any major problems. if some problem occurs The parties must again meet to discuss how to handle the situation and decide if the current operation is correct or if a change is required

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