what are the difference between internet and intranet

let’s discuss what are the difference between internet and intranet ?

What is Internet ?

  • Internet is a Global network of computers which may be server or client through exchanges information.
  • It can be defined as a “network of networks” which can be linked through copper wires, wireless connections, and other technologies
  • This is the world-wide network of computers accessible to anyone who knows their Internet Protocol (IP) Address

What is Intranet ?

  • The term Intranet is derived from two words: ‘Intra’ which means within and ‘net’ which means group of interconnected computers
  • In short, an intranet is private network, similar to the Internet using the same protocols and technology, contained within enterprise or net-for-profit organization.

What is Extranet

  • Extranet is an intranet for outside authorized users using same internet technologies. The outside users are trusted partners of the organization who have access to information of their interest & concern.
  • Extends the intranet concept to provide a network that connects a company’s network of its business partners selected customers & suppliers.


Type of Extranet

Public Network Extranet

Exists when an organization allows the public to access its intranet from any public network. Security is an issue in this configuration, because a public network does not provide any security protection.

Private Network Extranet

Is a private, leased-line connection bet. Two companies that physically connects their intranets to one another. The single advantage of this is Security. The single largest drawback is Cost.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that uses public networks and their protocols to send sensitive data to partners, customers, suppliers, and employees by using system called “tunneling”. Tunnels are private passage ways through the public internet that provide secure transmission from one extranet partner to another

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