7 Best thing about IEC61850 Protocol and Standard

Today’s Modern industries and sites are performing various complex operations in order to perform many functions and for that they require IEDs that is Intelligent Electronic devices.IEDs hardware’s have achieved a worldwide recognition for the Technological advancement in its communication protocol such as IEC61850

Along with performing complex operations other factors is also important, such as controlling in order to maintain the site function and safety.

History of IEC61850 Protocol :

There was a huge collection of protocols that is mainly for substation automation that includes many types of proprietary protocols.

But there was a need in substation automation for the devices from different vendor to support interoperability, thus a group of around 60 members from various countries came together and created IEC61850.

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What is IEC61850 Protocol ?

IEC61850 is not only a communication protocol, but collection of various types of protocols, standards and concepts

that supports to design the substation automation and the applications.

It can be also seen as a platform that is used to design, implement operated various utility automation systems.

The IEC61850 scope was modified to form standards for control systems and equipment that includes EMS, SCADA, DA, DMS, and also associated communication.

Thus the main aim in the development of this standard is to provide a common platform for various devices manufactured by multiple vendors, i.e., large area interoperability, so that dependencies do not come across development.

These interconnection can provide setting capability, data gathering as well as access for remote control.

Also various IEDs is now able to interchange data and control command at a very high speed in order to perform automation function.

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IEC61850 Port

IEC 61850 is used TCP Port 102

If Control center SCADA Connected with firewall.In that Case control center side you need Configure your firewalls to pass packets directed to this port.

At substation side the firewall needs to accept incoming TCP connect requests to port 102.

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What is IEC61850-3 ?

  • The IEC 61850-3 standard specifies the requirements for the hardware design of IEC 61850 devices used in substations.

Electrical Noise Immunity

  • EMI may include induction load switching, lightening strikes, electrostatic discharges from the contact, interference from radio frequencies and high-current failure conditions (e.g., portable radio handsets) and associated electric sub-stations.

IEC 61850-3 Networks and Systems in Substations are including number of electrical immunity standards like

ESD : 61000-4-2

Radiated RFI : 61000-4-3

Electrical Burst Fast Transients : 61000-4-4

Surge : 61000-4-5

Conducted RFI : 61000-4-6

Power Frequency Magnetic Field : 61000-4-8

Voltage Dips – a.c. Power Supplies : 61000-4-11

Damped Oscillatory Transients : 61000-4-12

Mains Frequency Voltage : 61000-4-16

Ripple on d.c. Power Supplies : 61000-4-17

Voltage Dips – d.c. Power Supplies : 61000-4-29

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Best Thing about IEC61850 Protocol :

These was created with a vision to form standard that supports the following:

  1. The single protocol can support different data from various devices that is required in substation.
  2. A single format/method can be used for storing the entire data.
  3. Supports inter-operability among various devices from different vendors.
  4. Defines various data models and abstract services to access various data
  5. The various services that we can perform using IEC61850 are Naming, Report generation, Logging, Files, controls, Read/Write.
  6. We can also operate on logical nodes as well as common data classes using IEC61850.
  7. It describes the method by which the devices in any electrical system can be defined.Also it defines the way to exchange various information’s about any particular device, at run time as well as configuration time

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