Best HMI software list in Industrial Automation

HMI (Human Machine Interface) as the name indicates that it is a form which may be either a hardware or software that allows interaction between human and machines and technically it is a screen that allows a user to interact with a device. today we will discuss best HMI software list for current industrial automation system

What defines Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology?

It is one of the important components of industries, where it can be used to:

  • Monitor Machine input and output
  • Visually display data
  • Production time, trend, tags and other related information can also be observed

Therefore it provides the overall visual capability to observe the ongoing industrial process to human and also provides a way to interact with the machines and manage the system.

How does HMI relate to the Internet of Things (IoT) technology?

In the present scenario, IOT (internet of things) is a dominating trend for both industries and consumer products to get connected to the internet. And to operate this devices, the world of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) are becoming sophisticated.

HMI software with the advancement of technology and with the increase in demand provides many functionalities such as view diagram, customize the schematic diagram according to the process, view digital photos and other related details.

Selecting HMI software needs analysis of the system architecture, performance requirements, integration, and operations. HMI software is segmented into three types: supervisory software, HMI/client and software modules.

There is plenty of HMI software with different features, and suitable for different applications. We will be listing some of the popular HMI software and the vendors.

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HMI Software List

HMI development software are available to provide touch screen functionality with dimensions and colors.

HMI development software offer control functions for industrial automation machines using differnt script and Command It can permit quick editing of mimics or HMI Screen and also communicate with PLC using suitable Protocol like Modbus RS232 / Ethernet IP.

Here is the List of HMI Software :

HMI Software – Rockwell Software

Rockwell provides few software editions, which are for different HMI applications.

They are generally categorized as FactoryTalk View that provides robust and reliable functions in an HMI solution from a standalone, machine-level HMI to a distributed visualization solution.

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FactoryTalk View Machine Edition

FactoryTalk View Machine Edition is a version of HMI software that provides a powerful and dedicated solution for machine-level operator interface devices.

It provides a well-developed graphics, access to a user for managing run-time, language switching and faster commissioning time.


1. PanelView 5000 Graphics Terminals
2. PanelView plus 7 Graphics Terminals
3. PanelView plus 6 Graphics Terminals
4. PanelView plus 6 Compact Graphics Terminals
5. PanelView 8000 Graphics Terminals
6. PanelView component Graphics Terminals

FactoryTalk ViewPoint

A web browser based secure interface is provided by FactoryTalk ViewPoint for FactoryTalk View’s graphics, trends, and alarm applications.

Also, the real-time decision-making process is improved by FactoryTalk ViewPoint as it extends the access of FactoryTalk View Site Edition (SE) and Machine Edition (ME) application to user’s mobile devices. It also provides real-time and historical trending.

For more information about Rockwell HMI Software Here it is detail Article link

RSView 32

For monitoring and controlling automation machines and processes, Rockwell software has RSView 32 which is an integrated and component-based HMI.

It expands the view for connecting to other Rockwell software Products, Microsoft Products, and a third-party application.

HMI Software – Schneider Electric

There are three different software version that is provided by Schneider Electric for HMI development.

EcoStructure Operator Terminal Expert

This version of a software is a touchscreen configuration software that is provided with the latest user interface design and gesture that enables the user to create and edit application for HMI.

EcoStructure Machine SCADA Expert

It is formerly known as VijeoXL. For developing HMI, as well as SCADA, OEE, and Dashboard, it is a powerful software and is dedicated to Line Management and Lite Supervision applications.

Vijeo Designer

It is the software by Schneider Electric which is totally dedicated for developing HMI application.


1. Maagelis GTU
2. Maagelis STO & STU
3. Maagelis
4. Maagelis GTO
5. Maagelis GK
6. Maagelis SCU

Siemens HMI Software

There are three HMI Software provided by Siemens

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Simatic WinCC (TIA Portal)

HMI application ranging from simplest operation with basic panels to application on a multi-user system, WinCC (TIA Portal) is suitable. The range of solution is comparatively more than Simatic WinCC flexible.

Simatic WinCC V7

With this version, Siemens offers innovative and high-performance functions and monitoring automated processes.

The system also offers complete functionality to both single-user and distributed multi-user systems for all industries.

Simatic WinCC Open Architecture

As the name indicates, it is an open architecture for visualization, production flow, machines, and plant. Each substation can be configured as either single-user or multi-user system.


These are for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Also, it is mainly meant for real-time monitoring of the industrial PLC-based system, and it is extended to devices like PC, Smartphone, or even Smartwatch.


1. MP 277 10″ Touch V2
2. MP 277 10″ Key V2
3. MP 277 8″ Touch V2
4. MP 277 8″ Key V2
5. Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN V2
6. Mobile Panel 277 F IWLAN V2
7. Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN
8. Mobile Panel 277 F IWLAN
9. MP 377
10. OP 73micro
11. TP 177 micro
12. OP 73
13. OP 77A
14. TP 177A

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Other popular HMI software List includes:


It provides highly reliable distributed solutions and this Human Machine Interface is a cross-platform UI builder.

AzeoTech DAQ Factory HMI

Its feature includes:

  • Easy acquire of data
  • Powerful Scripting
  • 45 screen components and 3600 symbol library, thus it provides custom screen building capability.
  • Closed-loop control without hardware.
  • Alarming
  • Trending
  • Logging to CSV, databases, and others
  • Networking

Ge Digital

Its feature for HMI development includes:

  • Faster build and deployment capability
  • Increase in usability
  • Faster identify relevant screen for an alarm
  • Improvement in alarm resolution


It is advanced 64-bit multi-core HMI solution and also provides connectivity from plant floor and building to corporate system.

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