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Automation has a great impact on industries and a country as a whole. The industries were under the category of fully manual operation before the word automation was coined. The use of automation in industries has evolved from using the hydraulic and pneumatic systems to the robots in today’s modern world. Automation combines two main objectives and that is control and monitor.so Today we will know about Most Popular SCADA Systems

In industry, the automation contributed not only for the fast and easy operation but also responsible for the higher rate of ­production, efficient use of materials, better quality of products, safety, labor work relaxation, and reduced factory lead time.

Automation combines two main objectives and that is control and monitor. Any process requires to monitor the overall process operation and control the parameter for achieving the desired out products.

Scada (Supervisory control and data acquisition system) plays an importation role in industrial automation. Scada systems are used in many public and private industrial sectors to control and maintain efficiency, as well as to distribute various data and to communicate with other systems.

Scada system is the backbone of many industries such as energy, oil, and gas, water and wastewater, food and beverage, etc. Scada is a combination of software and hardware for monitor and controls different industrial parameters. Scada software is basically that part of SCADA system that is comprised of several software such as HMI software, software for building SCADA applications and software including data communication platform.

You will learn :

The Most Popular SCADA software includes:

#1. Schneider Electric SCADA – AVEVA

  • AVEVA has over 4,400 people across 80 locations in over 40 countries. Its global headquarters is in Cambridge, UK.
  • The combination brings together AVEVA’s design, engineering and construction capabilities with Schneider Electric’s industrial software business, which ranges from simulation through to real-time manufacturing operations management.

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Product: Licensing

The Most Popular SCADA software: Citect SCADA 2016

#1.Citect SCADA 2016

Demo Mode

  • You can run Citect SCADA without the hardware key in a demonstration (demo) mode. Demo mode lets you use every Citect SCADA feature normally, but with runtime and I/O restrictions.
  • In demo mode, you can run multiple processes (with the networking model selected as “stand-alone”), or in single process mode.

The following demonstration modes are available:

    • 15 minutes with a maximum of 50,000 real I/O.
    • 10 hours with a maximum of one dynamic real I/O. This is useful for demonstrations using memory and disk I/Os. Citect SCADA starts in this mode if no hardware key is available. If the system detects that you are using more than one real I/O point at runtime, then it will swap to the 15 minutes demo mode

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Citect SCADA license key

  • In a Client-Server architecture, for configurations ranging from 75 points to an unlimited number of points
  • In a stand-alone version called Vijeo Citect Lite, for configurations of 100 to 1200 points

Rockwell SCADA – Factory talk view SE&ME

Product: Licensing

Factory talk view SE&ME Licence Selection

Siemens: Simatic WinCC v7

Different variants of WinCC SCADA software of Siemens are:

  • WinCC Complete package (RC) – For runtime and configuration.
  • WinCC Runtime package (RT) – Only for Runtime.

Both complete package and runtime package have defined number of Power Tags, and the number of Power Tags can be increased with application requirement.

Power Tags is the term used to indicate the process tags and area pointers that links to the process controllers.

The supported WinCC software packages includes:

  • WinCC V7.5 RC complete package – Floating License RC client, 128, 512, 2048, 8192, 65536, 102400, 153600, and 262144 Power Tags.

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SYS600C combines a solid-state computer and the SYS600 software. The computer comes with fixed configuration with SYS600 software license hardware key installed inside the computer.

System size parameter:

A process I/O: Maximum 14000 indication

Historian database: 0 to 10

Historian Tags: 0 to 200000

Historian Workstations: 0 to 20

IEDs (Intelligent electronic devices): Maximum 300\

Number of Events: 3000000

Number of Logged values: 90000000

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