How to use Rockwell knowledge base effectively

Rockwell automation knowledgebase it is a database of searchable tech notes, and if you didn’t solve a problem by using the products documentation.

I would like to suggest Rockwell Knowledgebase.

Get to the Rockwell knowledge go to

Rockwell Knowledgebase

This link will direct to go to Rockwell Knowledgebase.

when Rockwell Knowledgebase page load You will see three different tools

1)Refine Search by

2)Select your Product

3)Enter Search Keyword

1) Refine search provide three different filters Product & error code & Answer ID

2)Select Your Product: First, you Select Products. Here all available list of Rockwell Product as Per Category.

3)Enter Search Keyword: you have to Enter your search query in Search Box

Try to enter search query precisely as you would be you to ask a question verbally.

Use Most descriptive search terms and specific if possible.

Like: Faceplates for Studio 5000 View

How to use Rockwell Knowledgebase with example 

Now we Can start with one example First You have select product: software and write Factory talk view and press enter

Rockwell Knowledgebase Example


now you see the results of all the relevant tech notes


Rockwell Knowledgebase result


and you’ll also know that they fall in one or two access level categories


Rockwell Knowledgebase access level


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Rockwell knowledge base sign up & log in 

Everyone is for those of us who sign up for a free login but don’t have a support contract

TechConnect is for those people who also sign up for a login on a be calm but tie their tech connect contract number to their login

Now we will go next step open one of the document and open it

here we’ll see the contents of that particular tech note as well as a link to the literature library for the relevant manual and Technotes.

Rockwell Knowledgebase Technotes

Here also you see three option

  • Email this page
  • Print
  • Subscribe for updates

Rockwell Knowledgebase email

In the left-hand side, you also see the relevant article now one of the most helpful parts of a tech note is the section near the bottom were at list related tech notes

Rockwell Knowledgebase Technotes


sometimes when you’re searching on the knowledge base, you’ll come close, but you won’t find that exact answer

you’re looking for, so it’s beneficial to come down and check that tech note you’ve opened isn’t the accurate technote

In left-hand side also available Menu connects us.

In that, you have to see a question/chat online / phone support also available.

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