Advantage of plc
Top 15 best Advantage of plc over relay

Advantage of PLC :

#1. simple and less wiring

#2. Fast and design for the rugged industrial environment

#3. Another advantage of the PLC system is easy to other term i say good programmer easily read plc program and figure out what is working and what is not working

#4. One of the best future of plc system is versatility with programming and expandability compare to relay system. for example, just imagine you want to add one-timer
to make a motor run after 10s .what you do just add one-timer instruction and it’s done

#5. The program can run or simulated without actual input connection or Hardware.

Advantage of plc over relay :

#6. In some Industry, there is a redundant system for example if one pump fails the second pump will automatically start. acknowledge failure means that you get warning that one has failed

#7. A wide range of control application

#8. speed of operatio.scan time in mili second

#9. PLC has a low power consumption

#10. PLC have High processing speed

#11. smaller physical size then relay or hardwire solution

#12. flexible and can be reapplied to control other systems very easily.

#13. plc cost is like 4 to 5 relay but can replace hundred of relay

#14. some complex task not possible with relays for example Calculation Information exchange text & Graphic display data processing networking

#15. Diagnostics are centrally available.PLC Interface directly to the wired system

#16. large production of PLC and Advanced technology makes it cheaper than the other controller or relay-based systems.


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