Hello everyone, back again with me. Actually, this is a PLC tutorial session. today I’m gonna give you a little PLC history This article is about the birth of PLC Solution

  • It was a long time ago since it was 1968 when we back at the time GM Hydra-matic, the automatic transmission division of General Motors, requested for an electronic replacement for Hardwired relay systems


There are 4 Companies responded :

1.Bedford Associates (Modicon)

2. Allen Bradley

3.Century Detroit

4.Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC)

  • The winning proposal came from the Bedford associates of Bedford Massachusetts then they started a new company dedicated to developing, manufacturing selling and servicing the new product called Modicon which stood for modular, digital and controller One of the members that worked on that project was Dick Morley, and of course he is considered to be the father of the PLC and later Modicon was sold to Gould electronics in 1977 and then acquired by AEG, a German Company and then by Schneider Electric until now The name given was “Programmable Controllers” or PC.
  • Programmable Logic Controller or PLC was a registered trademark of the Allen Bradley.
    Later, PC was used for “Personal Computer” and to avoid confusion with PLC for “Programmable Controller” and Pc for a personal computer.
  • Hardwired panels were very time to consume time, debug and change.

The following requirements for computer controllers to replace
hardwired panels.

1. Solid-state not mechanical.
2. Easy to modify input and output devices.
3. Easily programmed and maintained by plant electricians.
4. Be able to function in an industrial environment


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